Andy Cope talks to… Debbie Deeley - Art of Brilliance Podcast

November 6, 2017

Andy’s always excited about being in the podcast hot seat but this month it’s extremely hot! Tune in to listen to his chat with Debbie Deeley, a coach and 3 Principles practitioner.

They explore the work of Syd Banks (the most incredible bloke you’re never actually heard of) and unpick ‘inside-out’ thinking. Andy describes it as a ‘must listen’. Even better news, the ‘Art of Brill’ team are putting together a brand new workshop on the 3-Principles. Watch this space. #GameChanger. Keep an open mind while you listen…


Andy Cope talks to… Kul Mahay - Art of Brilliance Podcast

October 3, 2017

This month, Andy Cope talks to Kul Mahay!

Kul is an experienced coach, leader and author who's goal is to release your inner potential! One of the original 2%'ers, Andy and Kul discuss masks, spirituality and how he see's how everyone has the potential to be more. Previously a tried and tested former top leader in the UK Police Service, Kul is now touring the UK with his event, Ignite your inner potential.

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Andy Cope talks to… Hywel Roberts - Art of Brilliance Podcast

August 1, 2017

This month, Andy Cope talks to Hywel Roberts!

Pro-social Mantle of the Expert Drama Teacher, vision-builder, teacher trainer, curriculum innovator, bassist, author of 'Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally' and Independent Thinking Associate.

Hywel is a teacher, author and educationalist working with many schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations across the UK and beyond.

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Andy Cope talks to… Mike Martin - Art of Brilliance Podcast

July 10, 2017

In this month's episode, Andy Cope talks to our man in Wales, Mike Martin! Mike talks about his daughter, how living life in the moment can make your past and future memories more vibrant and how he's working to deliver the Art of Brilliance across Wales.

You can read Mike's blog posts on the Art of Brilliance website;

Modern Families

Something even bigger than happiness

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Andy Cope talks to… The children of Billingham South Primary School!

May 8, 2017

All our podcasts are special, but this one is extra super-super special because it’s hijacked by the most important people on the planet – 8 year olds. Check out how they created the world’s first ever outstandingly happy school and please spread the word. Download, listen and grin. If this fails to inspire you, you are uninspirable!


Andy Cope talks to Richard Gerver - Art of Brilliance Podcast

May 1, 2017

In episode five, Andy Cope talks to Richard Gerver!

International keynote speaker, prolific best selling author and former headteacher Richard, who has recently published his new book "Simple Thinking" talks to Andy about his experience as a headteacher, his time in education and his love for sausage sandwiches. 

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Andy Cope talks to David Taylor - Art of Brilliance Podcast

April 24, 2017

In episode four, Andy Cope talks to The Naked Leader, David Taylor!

Author of the Naked Leader series and the recently published "How To Be Successful By Being Yourself" . As well as being an author, David is an expert in leadership, keynote speaking, chairing, coaching and facilitating.

Find out all about David at his website, and follow him on Twitter at @nakedleader.


Andy Cope talks to Kev House - Art of Brilliance Podcast

April 3, 2017

In this month's episode, Andy Cope talks to Art of Brilliance trainer Kev House! Kev talks about how he transformed his life by taking control of his health and getting fit, the inner chimp, what makes him happy and more...

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Andy Cope talks to Gavin Oattes - Art of Brilliance Podcast

March 20, 2017

In this month's episode, Andy Cope talks to International Keynote Speaker, Comedian, Children's Author and Columnist, Gavin Oattes!

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Happy New Year! - The Art of Brilliance Podcast

January 16, 2017

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Art of Brilliance podcast - our first episode of 2017 kicks off with Andy Cope, who shares a few stories and tips on how we can make 2017 the best year of our lives.